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  • pike|law is corporate law
    pike|law is corporate law
  • pike|law is commercial law
    pike|law is commercial law
  • pike|law is regulatory law
    pike|law is regulatory law
  • pike|law is public law
    pike|law is public law
  • pike|law is dispute resolution
    pike|law is dispute resolution


We offer a comprehensive range of legal services. Our size, our strategic associations and complementary practice areas bring deep skills and specialisation when addressing our clients’ corporate and commercial needs nationally and across Africa. Click on an item below to view more details.

corporate law

Corporate Law

Fundamental transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, schemes of arrangement and disposals of all or the majority of the assets or undertaking of a company, are strictly regulated and subject to onerous requirements imposed by the Companies Act of 2008. Understanding these requirements and ensuring proper compliance throughout the transaction, means the difference between a valid or invalid transaction and one that limits or inflates costs.

We have the experience and expertise to support companies at every stage of a fundamental transaction to ensure corporate compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations. Our experience includes advising our both local and international clients how best to structure and implement these transactions. Our advice is tailored to each client depending on the relevant industry and the company's future direction.

Our legal services relating to corporate and commercial transactions and advisory work include:

  • corporate governance;
  • due diligence investigations;
  • joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • takeovers, mergers and acquisitions (public and private);
  • Section J12 venture capital advisory services;
  • restructurings, demergers and spin-offs;
  • share incentive schemes.