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Naspers e-sales ventures punted at disrupted AGM, Marc Hasenfuss, Business Day Live

A letter sent by Adam Pike of Pike Law to Naspers homed in on Kisbey-Green’s argument that since Botha was not a holder of Nasper shares at the time of the 2015 AGM, he was not entitled to the documentation.

"Despite having applied our minds and conducted the necessary research, we have been unable to identify the provisions upon which the secretary (Kisbey-Green) may have relied in order to form her views."

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Coronation: Showing the money, Ann Crotty, Financial Mail

At that stage Botha realised he needed the help of a lawyer.

On July 26 — in response to a letter from Adam Pike of Pike Law, acting on behalf of Botha — Coronation said it would be "disclosing its remuneration policy in its next annual integrated report", due out in November.

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Coronation in U-turn over remuneration policy details, Ann Crotty, Business Day Live

Coronation’s change of heart occurred after Botha engaged a legal team to assist him in his bid to obtain information he believes should be in the public domain. Botha took on the lawyers, Pike Law, when Coronation rejected his Promotion of Access to Information Act (Paia) application. On Tuesday Adam Pike said he was happy with Coronation’s decision, but added it was a pity Botha had to wait for so long.

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THE Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) hopes you’ll believe it only wants to silence world-renowned Prof Tim Noakes for his views on butter, eggs, bacon and broccoli because he dared to express them on Twitter. With help from the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), ADSA is doing the very opposite of silencing him. The HPCSA ‘trial’ of Noakes that resumes in Cape Town in October has given him an international platform for dissemination of the growing body of scientific evidence in favour of low-carb, high-fat (LCHF). After the November 2015 session of the HPCSA hearing, ADSA issued a statement saying it is only going after him because of what he said on Twitter. (Click here to read ADSA in full.) Noakes’ lawyer, Adam Pike, of Pike Law, says that’s nonsense. Here he explains, why this case really is not about Twitter.

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BRIEF-Sovereign Food Investments announce High Court judgment, Reuters

Sovereign Food Investments Ltd

* High court judgment and adjourned meeting

* High court handed down its judgment today in respect of urgent application brought by Country Bird Group

* High court inter alia held that scheme failed and appraisal rights have accordingly lapsed

* High court inter alia held that new resolutions may not be proposed or voted on at adjourned meeting Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:

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Cape Town attorney Adam Pike, of Pike Law, who heads Noakes’ legal team says Strydom’s charge has no merit whatsoever. He says the hearing has become “an extraordinary opportunity for the issues in question to be ventilated in public”.

It has created much-needed debate about evidence-based medicine, nutrition, doctor-patient relationships, and the role of doctors, academics, scientists, nutritionists and dietitians in ensuring that the public has access to “the best diet and nutrition information available, not just information contained in official dietary guidelines”.

The hearing is also about freedom of speech, says Pike. Strydom and the HPCSA appear to believe Noakes has no right to express his opinions on nutrition freely, and shouldn’t be giving dietary advice that differs from officially accepted dogma.

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"Sovereign shrugs off court ruling to prevent shareholder meeting" Ann Crotty, Business Day Live

Pike | Law acts for the intervening minority shareholders, who prevail in their bid to stop the shareholders meeting from proceeding.

ALBIE Cilliers, the Western Cape-based small shareholder who challenged the board of Sovereign Foods, welcomed the high court ruling preventing the company from going ahead with the shareholders’ meeting scheduled for on Tuesday.

But he said he would have to wait for the final court order to see whether or not he had reason to celebrate.

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"Sovereign Foods loses bid to block Country Bird stakeholders from voting" Fifi Peters, Business Day Live

Pike | Law acts for the intervening minority shareholders, who prevail in their bid to stop the shareholders meeting from proceeding.

SOVEREIGN Foods has lost the battle against rival poultry producer Country Bird to block the company from voting at a key shareholders meeting next week.

The Competition Tribunal said on Thursday that Sovereign’s application against Country Bird had been dismissed with costs.

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To discredit the science behind it – and presumably Noakes along the way, the HPCSA has tried taking a leaf  out of the book of Noakes’ dream legal team, headed by Cape Town attorney Adam Pike, of Pike Law.  It has now outsourced its legal team to Johannesburg lawyer, Katlego Mmuoe, who also has an eponymous law firm (KK Mmuoe attorneys), and acquired its own doctor-turned- advocate Ajay Bhoopchand.

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"I’m victimised for telling the truth: Noakes" Mariska Botha, SABC News

Meanwhile, Noakes' lawyer Adam Pike says they have received written reasons for the hearing from the preliminary committee that gave the green light for the process to go ahead.

He says while very brief, the reasons will be studied.

Pike says at this stage the issue won't be pursued further as they want the hearing to progress.

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"Humiliated Tim Noakes in tears at banting hearing" Aarti J Narsee, Rand Daily Mail

“It has been a tough time and people just don‘t understand what the financial cost of an action like this is. If I hadn‘t had these two men [advocate Michael van der Nest and attorney Adam Pike, who are working pro bono, and my wife, it couldn‘t have been done.”

Moments later Noakes‘s wife, Marilyn, told The Times that the experience had been “surreal”.

“I never imagined we would be in a situation like this. I think their [the council‘s] main goal is to silence him and humiliate him,” she said.

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"Noakes' lawyer responds to ADSA" Adam Pike

A legal expert, representing Prof Tim Noakes, hits back at the Association of Dietetics in South Africa after its president publishes 'misleading' views on the Tim Noakes hearing.

Adam Pike of Pike Law, represents Prof Tim Noakes before the professional conduct committee of the HPCSA. He is a non-executive director of The Noakes Foundation

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"Local experts reluctant to testify for Noakes" Nashira Davids

During a press conference Noakes' lawyer, Adam Pike, said it was not easy to find local experts.

"When we started fishing around for experts to assist, there was not a refusal but a reluctance to step into this arena because obviously one wouldn't want to open oneself up to a similar charge of providing unconventional advice and be seen doing that,'' said Pike.

"This is a great testing ground to ventilate the science, talk about the issues and actually just have a debate.''

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"Tim Noakes and the peculiar hearing that didn’t happen" Marika Sboros

Cape Town attorney Adam Pike, of Pike Law, who heads the legal team, says there’s no legal rocket science behind what went wrong for the HPCSA on the day:

“The fundamental point is that a medical practitioner facing a charge of unprofessional conduct must be judged by their peers and the public. Members of that committee must be, and be seen to be, independent and objective. If they are not, then we have to do something about that."

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