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  • pike|law is corporate law
    pike|law is corporate law
  • pike|law is commercial law
    pike|law is commercial law
  • pike|law is regulatory law
    pike|law is regulatory law
  • pike|law is public law
    pike|law is public law
  • pike|law is dispute resolution
    pike|law is dispute resolution


who we are

Pike | Law offers expertise in all aspects of corporate and commercial law. We have garnered a wide range of experience in elite local and international law firms, within the legal departments of international and listed companies. We continue to hone our knowledge through advanced academic study and research.

Pike | Law has a lean practice structure.  We do without administrative staff, trainees and junior lawyers which means that there is no duplication or repetition of attendances and the cost of producing a document is limited to one lawyer. This structure allows us to charge rates that "traditional" corporate law firms cannot match. In other words, you will never incur extra costs because we will never pass your instructions from junior to senior members of staff.

Although we are based in Constantia in the Western Cape, our practice area extends country-wide and beyond our borders into various African jurisdictions.  For a full selection of what we cover in practice, please see our 'practice areas'.

our philosophy

At Pike | Law our clients are our first priority. Respect, accountability and trust inform our day-to-day practice.

We respect you by discharging your instructions with care, skill and diligence. We are able to do this thoroughly and at short notice because of our lean practice structure.

We are accountable to you by ensuring that our process and fees structure are transparent. Voicing your concerns or interrogating our accounts is your prerogative and privilege.

We endeavour to earn your trust by our transparency and diligence. Mutual and forthright honesty builds trust and enhances the quality of our service to you. We know that if our clients do not trust us, they will take their business elsewhere.

Having embraced the new law approach, we not only uphold professional integrity but excel at exploiting every opportunity to subvert traditional approaches to discharging the legal function. We thrive on deconstructing complexities through the simple yet consistent application of common sense. The result is a working environment that fosters efficiency, economy and quality.